Tips and tools for event planners

Planning an event? Did you know there are many helpful tools that you can use to make sure your event will be a success?

Without proper planning there are countless things and details that can go wrong. These templates do half the work for you and help you control all the aspects that event organising consists of.

The material is provided by Eventbrite.



A simple single-sheet tool to help the team to stay on track and focused:
Event Strategy Sheet (PDF)

Practical arrangements

The budget template helps you with handling the costs:
Event Budget Template (XLS)

Plan your event schedule:
Event Schedule Templates (ZIP)

A tool to define the responsibilities of project members:
RACI Event-Management Template (XLS)


Plan the marketing activities and timeline:
Event Marketing Template (XLS)

If your marketing budget is light, these tips are for you:
The 10 best ways to promote your event online (PDF)

Sponsors and speakers

A useful tool that helps event organizers fulfill their sponsorship agreements:
Sponsorship Fulfillment Template (PDF)

Make sure you and the speakers are on the same page:
Managing Speakers Handbook Template (PDF)

Curious to read more about general insights and trends of the event industry?

The Pulse Report for year 2016 is out:
The Pulse Report: Event Industry Insights (PDF)