BTA is back for 2017 with a brand new artist interview! Check out what Troubadour JPTH (Juha Pekka Tapani Heikkinen) or nowadays known as “The street music Ceasar of Europe” has to say!

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Please introduce yourself.

I’m a singer-songwriter and nowadays know as “The street music Ceasar of Finland” because last summer I travelled the whole Finland from bottom to top and earned all the money for traveling as a street musician. We shot a traveling show “Suomen katusoittokeisari” on that trip and it’s now be seen on Yle Areena (the Finnish Broadcasting Company).

How did you get into being a troubadour?

Nobody asked me to play in a band so I had to start to make my own music 😀

How would you describe your music?

I began with rock and punk, then moved a little bit to the world of pop and when I met beatboxer “Spittari” two years ago I got some hip hop influences. All together I call my music nowadays “neoclassical troubadourpop” or “troubabox” when I perform with Spittari.

Tell us little about your creative process?

Best ideas come usually in a shower! But when making whole songs it takes hours and hours in my workroom.

What is the best thing about being a troubadour?

It’s nice to be independent and play in very different kind of events.

The most memorable show you performed?

It was in march 2013 when we had the release gig of our “Väkevää tahnaa” EP with my old band “juha pekka tapani heikkinen JA NIIN EDELLEEN”. EP was crowdfunded with -platform and there were a lot of my friends and supporters on that gig so it was very emotional evening.

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.

I think it might be Nirvana. Curt Cobain was awesome songwriter and singer and also wild performer.

Tell us about your regular hang out? Have you ever had a gig there?

My regular hang out is nowadays Bar Loose. There is very nice staff and I play DJ gigs there every month. Couple of times a year we play there also with my #JPTH band.

Future projects we should know about?

Next spring we are going to release new music with #JPTH band and next summer I’m planning to travel from Tallin to Athens with street music money and shoot the second season of traveling show called “Euroopan katusoittokeisari” (The street music Ceasar of Europe)

Thanks guys! See you next week for a brand new BTA interview!

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