Salary payment and taxation instructions

As many of the artists use salary payment services here in Finland to ensure that all the taxation related topics go by the book, BTA has partnered with eezy and to make life easier for all parties involved

When creating your artist profile we are requesting your billing details so after the show we can transfer your fee right away into the account you have provided e.g. your personal bank account, your company account, your agent / promoter account or your paypal account (you, your agent or your company will handle the taxes with this model)

If none of the above are suitable options for you and you prefer that we transfer your fees to or eezy just provide your salary payment processing company’s account number when setting up your profile. When doing this or eezy will handle your taxes and salary payment and instead of getting your fees straight from the BTA, our partners will pay those for you

If you don’t have accounts yet with or eezy, you can easily set up one from here: or

Please do not hesitate to contact BTA ( if any questions on this or any other topic and in addition, please do note that we work constantly on to make this end-to-end process to go smooth as criminal for you!

Sincerely, BTA team