This week we talked to a Scottish stand-up comedian based in Finland: Ray Zambino. You can see Ray’s BTA profile by clicking HERE.

Please introduce yourself.
Hey, I am Ray Zambino a stand up comedian from Glasgow.

How did you end up being a stand-up comedian?
Well, I went along to see one of my friends perform and he actually didn’t show up. I stayed to watch the show and as I was watching I thought, hey I could do this! So I asked the guy organising the night if I could get on stage and in two weeks I had my first performance at the Halt Bar in Glasgow.

How do you come up with your jokes/stand-up routine?
It’s just a cycle of writing, testing out then re-writing really.

What is it like being an English language stand-up comedian in Finland?
It’s fun. I really like it. Of course, sometimes it is a little bit challenging. When I first moved here I was still doing the same material that I used to do in Scotland, but that was all puns and wordplay. Even though basically everyone here has excellent English, when everything else is in Finnish it takes that few extra seconds to think about wordplay in another language so it messes up all my timing. So now I have written different stuff, which was a fun challenge.

Any tips for aspiring stand-up comedians?
Just get started! You will suck for a little bit and that is ok, we all do.

What is the best thing about stand-up comedy?
Having a joke that you have been unsure about working out. Hearing that laughter is a wave of relief.

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.
I have still never seen British comedian Stewart Lee live and I would love to.

Thanks for the interview Ray! Until next week guys!

-BTA Team

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