This week we interviewed the Iron Maiden cover band Rare Maiden. See their profile HERE.

Please introduce yourselves.
We’re Rare Maiden, slaves to the power of Iron Maiden and on a mission to bring their rarest treats to the stage. Our set lists are full of tracks that either have never been played live by the guys or have been played very seldom. On top of all that you get a few live favourites thrown in and bundles of energy and authentic touches to the sound.

How did you end up making music together and how did you end up being an Iron Maiden tribute band?
The idea of Rare Maiden formed during a time of flux in Steve’s previous band in 2014. Steve was urged into action by an age old desire to front a Maiden tribute and a determination to work again with recently departed bassist Henri. After getting Henri on board almost immediately, it was time to borrow guitarist Joni from old stage partners Craven Melodies and pick up axeman Manu from Samuli, our stunning drummer, was Manu’s idea and we never looked back!

How would you describe your music?
Well, if you haven’t heard much Maiden, the truly great tracks are pure drama, fierce tales and manic moods. Maiden takes you all over the world, all over the ages and all over the top. We go right in there and plunge those same depths with our tribute, concentrating heavily on the authenticity of our sound and energy on stage.

Tell us little about your creative process?
We joke about Steve wearing pyramid tents on stage during Powerslave and distributing ‘munkki’ donuts to the audience in the monk choir intro to Sign of the Cross. We have fun and play the music we’ve all loved for years, our creativity goes into a new zone of purely useless (but satisfying) ideas since we don’t need to worry about writing a radio hit or finding a common direction. Iron Maiden have done 99.9% of the ceative work for us, thanks guys.

What is the best thing about being in a rock group?
We all love the stage. The audience that you sometimes find in front of it, they are the best thing!

The most memorable show you performed?
We recently performed in a small venue in central Helsinki called Painobaari. We had all the stage issues (amps dying, strings breaking, monitors out) plus problems with Steve’s voice the day before leading to some uncertainty. Despite everything we had a great time and played with passion. The audience paid us back with big energy and a warm welcome off the stage after the show. None of us will forget that show.

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.
If Iron Maiden can still play live after they’re dead, we’d probably go for that. They’ve been hinting that they might since 1985.

Tell us about your regular hang out? Have you ever had a gig there?
We’ve got two journalists in our band and the hang out for these guys is the above mentioned Painobaari. We’ve played there twice now. Otherwise we spread ourselves out evenly in and around Helsinki. We plan to get out of there to new towns and lands. Invite us and we’ll come.

Future projects we should know about?
Samuli is always working on Fire Action, great for fans of classic metal and hard rock. Joni is developing Craven Melodies, a female fronted melodic hard rock group. Steve is working on a prog metal concept EP with no name among other things. Henri is between projects, though also working with Steve on something new. Manu has a set of songs he’s planning to record in the near future. We’re all busy with something.

Which artist would you like to see being interviewed by BTA? Which one question would you ask them?
Iron Maiden of course! When you guys retire can we look after Eddie?


Thanks guys!

-BTA Team

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