The BTA team reached out to Pearly Gates for their views on being a rock band! Read what Pearly gates had to say about their creative process along with tips for aspiring rock bands! You can find Pearly Gates BTA profile here. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourselves.
We are a five piece prog/alternative/pop/blues/whatever band originally from Joensuu, Finland. Currently, we are spread throughout the country but our base of operations is in Helsinki. We’ve been playing with slightly varying line-up since the mid-2000s.

How did you end up playing together? How was your first show together?
Pearly Gates was formed not unlike the sediments on earth’s crust, gathering layers upon layers of dirt and dead animals to make a stinking and muddy mash of rock n’ roll. Our band is an avalanche dragging unfortunate winos to their untimely deaths. So there’s no big story to our genesis. We met somewhere at some point in time and decided that we wanted to play music together. The first show we played probably wasn’t that great. We have gotten a lot better over the years, though…

Can you tell us little about your creative process?
Antti (drums & acoustic guitar) or Jonne (vocals & guitar) noodles at home then have an idea for a song and decides that it’s good enough to be presented to the others. Then they proceed to make a home recording or play it at rehearsals with an acoustic. Then we learn the song and play it live for a while and usually, the song settles into a form we like. If we decide to record it we do a demo or two of the song, tweak it a bit(a lot!) and then it’s released after recording it once more.

Any tips for aspiring rock bands?
Get musicians who you can stand to be around with for long periods of time.

What is the best thing about being in a rock band?
Playing live. Definitely.

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.
We all probably have different answers. Let’s say the Band.

Which artist would you like to see being interview by BTA? Which one question would you ask them?
We would like you to interview a band called Aurinkojumala and ask them why they smell so bad.

Many thanks, Pearly Gates.  We all are looking forward to hearing and smelling Aurinkojumala! Until next week!

BTA – Team

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