This week we interviewed the teachers who sing, Kukkaserenadi. Check out their BTA profile HERE. Enjoy! 

What got you interested in music?
All of us have been musical from since we were children. I guess you can say that we are born with the rhythm.

How did you end up singing together and how did you come up with the band name?
A year ago we came up with an idea of re-making the traditional Christmas play called “Tiernapojat”. We had all played a part in this play as kids, and wanted to try it out again, as grown men. The project was a lot of fun and after Christmas we wanted to keep going. Someone came up with the idea of serenading, and that was it.

Tell us little about your creative process?
We have a selection of songs that we regularly practice. We also welcome suggestions, like the favourite song of the person being surprised.

What is the best thing about being a musician?
By far the best thing is that we get to be part of such joyful surprises and that we get to be the source for fantastic, heartfelt and emotional moments. We really do this for the smiles.

The most memorable show you performed?
An elderly lady in a care home, who was surprised by her daughter who lived outside Finland. There was not a dry eye in the room when we sang her favourite song.

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.
Celtic Ladies.

Tell us about your regular hang out? Have you ever had a gig there?
For the Christmas play, we have some regulars. For the serenades, each gig is different.

Future projects we should know about?
We are thinking about expanding our selection to offer a longer serenade – more like a full musical performance than just a quick visit and surprise. We are also starting to accept invitations to come and sing at memorial services.

Thanks guys! See you next week for a brand new BTA interview!

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