This week we interviewed the Acoustic duo Kaikuluotain. Check out their BTA profile from this LINK

Please introduce yourselves.

We’re a duo, singer and guitar. ”Acoustic duo” ´gives some hint and an idea of what we do. But we aren’t easily labeled to any music genre, such as blues, pop, soul etc. – there’s a distinct, own sound, whether we play Rolling Stones, J.Karjalainen or our own songs. And it’s both acoustic and electric.

Kaikuluotain is available to play any stage or event. Small, intimate spaces are great for us. Stage performances, festivals and restaurants are also well suited.  And there have been SO  many great parties … weddings, birthdays, company events etc

What got you interested in playing music?

We’ve both always loved music, from the childhood, deeply and passionately. Marjut has always sung on her own since a little girl, imitating singers and voices,. Jore has played the guitar since a boy, acoustic, electric, all kinds. There was never any question for either of us: music has to be there, it’s such a major, important part of life. Music has to be played, listened, performed, sung, composed…

How did you end up playing together and how did you come up with the band name?

Marjut put up an ad for a playing companion a few years back. She wanted a guitarist. Jore had some idle music time, and the ad struck a chord, very strongly 😀  – and here we are. Our tastes and approach to music are so well matched from the beginning, it’s unbelievable.

For the band name, we had many suggestions, maybe 10-20. Jore suggested Kaikuluotain, Marjut approved!

Tell us little about your creative process?

For the cover songs, the creative process varies. But we never try to imitate or copy the original song as it is. Both of us first try to find their own approach to the song, maybe bounce ideas remotely, then we get together, try it out, jam, adjust, find the right path and combination… sometimes it clicks very fast, sometimes we use months to unlock the recipe for each song. And they may also change many times, still after they’ve once been nailed down as something acceptable.

For our own songs, the song creation process also varies – a lot! There are tens and tens of song ideas in the back burner, waiting to be used (dropbox full of sound clips, lyrics ideas too). Words do not come easy. Language is changing time to time – Finnish or English; we have not and will not stick on either language. Some new songs just feel they are Finnish songs, some are naturally English. Melodies first appear from somewhere, they start flowing as a basic route through a song … then the melodies may evolve when playing them out, over and over. The first draft of a song tune may fly to some completely other spaces when Marjut gets the inspiration. Some lines of lyrics may need to be changed as you prepare the final version. And so on – there’s no exactly defined process to it. Rather, you just find the time to do it and see how the pieces come together in different ways.

What is the best thing about being in a duo? 

The song making is complicated enough with two people! With more creative people around, it would be just a never ending story :)

There are also the practicalities for the gigs, of course: it’s easy to move the gear and the band when we’re just two people. We’re very flexible, can perform in very small spaces and with low volume (many backyard and apartment gigs done!), but also with full blast if needed!

The most memorable show you performed?

There hasn’t been a single bad place! The “big ones” (in our small, humble scale of things) have been really great (Espan Lava, Turku Acoustic Festival etc), but then …  also there have been SO absolutely, incredibly fun events in all the parties. One single, and truly unique event was the Tram Buskers’ Tour of IHME Festival in Helsinki in March 2016, where we performed for several days in the Helsinki trams! This was incredibly great fun …

Tell us about your regular hang out? Have you ever had a gig there?

We don’t hang out in bars as a band … 😀 But we do hang out in small events, and always wonder why is there no live performance, no band or anything. All the home parties, summer terraces, small events – get your live music there, and keep your guests happy!

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.

Jore: Django Reinhardt (because I’ve already seen Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, Frank Zappa and Hassisen Kone)

Marjut: Amy Winehouse, in some small bar stage, and a very small crowd

Thank you for the interview guys!

See you next week with a brand new BTA artist interview.

-BTA Team

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