This week we talked to two members of the Hard Rock trio Feral Burn. You can find Feral Burn’s BTA profile here.

Please introduce yourselves.

Mark: My name is Mark and I am the lead singer and a guitarist of the band.

Pasi: I’m Pasi, the deadly four string assault from Feral Burn.


How did you end up playing together?

M: I met Pasi, our bass player on the internet and he knew Jouni the drummer. We played together in a couple of bands for years and the decided to start a new band Feral Burn.

P: I moved to Helsinki in 2004 and was looking for a band when I saw an ad by Mark on I went to the audition and we immediately had a good feeling about playing together. I had been in a band with our drummer, Jouni, earlier, so after a few not so promising auditions with other drummers I contacted Jouni and he was happy to try it out as the band he was in at the time had come to an end.


Can you tell us little about your creative process?

M: Usually, I jam on guitar and come up with a riff. Then we jam together in rehearsals and come up with a bass line and drum beat. Sometimes we can put a whole song together in a couple of sessions and sometimes it can take many years. I compose vocal melodies and occasionally Pasi helps me with the lyrics.

P: Usually Mark comes up with a killer riff, which we then jam with together and eventually mold into a song.


Any tips for aspiring rock bands?

M: Try to put a lot of effort in song writing. I think it’s the only thing you can be unique about these days. If you have a great song it doesn’t matter how you look or how “old” is your style. People like to hear it.

P:  Keep grinding on, and never let the bastards wear you down! Be determined and trust in what you do no matter how grim the scene might sometimes look like.


What is the best thing about being in a rock band?

M: Carrying heavy equipment in the slush. Haha.

P: Definitely the live shows and also the wonder of creating new music through the collaboration of the band.


How did you end up touring in China?

M: We had one friend who played in the same band with one Chinese guitarist named Yang. Yang started a company that arranged tours in China. It was a lot of work to get everything done but it was definitely worth it.

P: Mark met this guitar dude Yang Wang from Amares Studios They were seeking Finnish rock bands to introduce into China, and he immediately liked out music and made it happen.


If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.

M: Led Zeppelin in the 70’s

P: Definitely Iron Maiden – oh but I am! See you in the summer! Up the irons!


Tell us about your regular hang out? Have you ever had a gig there?

M: Usually, I go to Bar Loose. We played there many times. Nice place and a good stage.

P: Since my regular hang out, the PRKL club just went out of business I have been on the lookout for a new one, but haven’t quite settled into anything yet. Mostly the rock bars of Helsinki.


Which artist would you like to see being interview by BTA? Which one question would   you ask them?

M: Rockin Horse from Lahti. Question would be: “What are good and bad sides of being from small town”.

P: Random Fly. I would ask them when their new EP will be released, and where’s the party?


Thank you, Mark and Pasi! We look forward interviewing Rocking Horse and Random Fly! Rock on until next week!


-BTA Team




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