This week we interviewed the hardcore band Face Stomp. Check out their artist profile HERE

Please introduce yourselves.
We are Face Stomp, a 4-piece hardcore band with members from Bloodlands and Ratface.

How did you end up making music together and how did your group name come about?
We do have other bands as well, but we had the need to form a band where we can create really simple and aggressive music. Bloodlands is more complex and metal-oriented with 2 guitars, solos, etc. MC Respektor (vocals in Ratface) was found randomly at our rehearsal place and he took over the bass duties.

The name just suddenly visualized in our heads. Since then it has served as an influence to the music and lyrics. Check out the new song, “Tattarisuon kasvohoito”, for example:

How would you describe your music?
“Have you ever had your face stomped?”

Tell us little about your creative process?
In most cases our vocalist Tim Walker has come up with some cool riffs, or even full songs. Then we just start jamming them at the rehearsal place. Sometimes the guitar player Olli has some riffs or songs as well.

In most cases the process is quite easy and we can finish a full song in one rehearsal session. After all, it’s basically just 1-3 riffs in 1.5-2 minutes. It’s all about the riffs and the dynamics of the song. After the basic structure of the song is clear, vocals are introduced to the mix. The vocals and vocal patterns play an important role too.

Some songs might take a bit longer to make. Usually if it doesn’t feel just right straight away, we forget about that song and focus on other riffs.

What is the best thing about being in a hardcore group? 
The live shows. It’s the best outlet in the world against everyday bullshit and stress.

Also important are the DIY ethics and the freedom to create any type of music we please. Since money is rarely involved, we get to do whatever we feel like. No rulez.

The most memorable show you performed?
Roosterfest 2016 in Lahti was the first really memorable show. Our debut EP, Start Stomping, had just come out and the audience was crazy. Stomptastic. Another one that really sticks out was KCHC Summer Bash in Kerava. Lots of people attending and every band was great.

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.

Tell us about your regular hang out? Have you ever had a gig there?
There’s many: Kallio area in general, Vaasankatu hoods, the rehearsal place… We have played in Lepakkomies a few times already. Shout outs to TMH Productions.

Future projects we should know about?
Coming on 15.12.2016 via Aggressive Sportswear & Bullrush: a split 7″ with KCHC warriors Mind Chaos. Pre-orders are already up. We also have a music video coming out eventually for the song “Clear Agenda”. That song can be found from the split 7”.

Next year…maybe a new record. We got a good amount of new songs already. One song is in the works with OD Kokemus and Sairas T. Let’s see how it turns out and if we ever release it.

What else… Respektor is working on a hip hop record! Bloodlands is also preparing new stuff.

Which artist would you like to see being interviewed by BTA? Which one question would you ask them?
Mind Chaos. How many Face Stomp drinks can Late drink and still be able to play?

Thanks guys! See you again next week for a new artist interview!

-BTA Team

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