This week we interviewed children’s party DJ DeeJii BätMän. You can find his BTA artist profile here.

Please introduce yourself.
DeeJii BätMän produces discos and other related events especially for kids but we’re happy to do corporate events too. With wide and extensive experience within entertainment industry, we can easily produce a memorable event be it a wedding or birthday party.

How did you end up a children’s disco DJ?
Having been involved with events industry for a very very long time, I was asked to play some music at a Halloween party in my own daughter’s school. This went pretty well and turned out to become an annual thing, and soon they wanted more (Valentines’ Disco, Schools Out Disco etc.), the word got out, teachers and parents began telling friends and others – and now I’m gigging in numerous schools around Helsinki area on a regular basis. All this made me upgrade my gear year-by-year so it’s all pretty good now with decent moving-head lights etc.

What’s the biggest difference in DJ:ing for adult vs. minors? Do kids rock harder?
Kids actually do rock harder. They are an amazing audience without any prejudices: they dance, jump and run around loving the daily hits. If they like it they’ll act upon it. And they seem to be very aware of the latest hits. The thing is those earlier occasional discos at kids’ schools used to be pretty lame with just some odd blinking lights and somebody pressing play button of a small boom box. And then comes in DJ BätMän with real lights, decent sound system, smoke machines etc – and it just works out so well! I think kids deserve a decent party!

What is the best thing about DJ:ing for minors?
The biggest thing is there’s no alcohol involved. I’m also doing some corporate events for adults and there’s basically always someone drinking a bit too much and quite likely to make some kind of a mess, bumping against lightning rig or speakers etc. This is not an issue with kids. And generally kids come to the disco to dance and run around, to have fun from start to the end when adults tend to wait couple of hours before they dare to take the stage… Pls don’t take me wrong I have nothing against adults/corporate events, they’re just quite different audience.

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.
I’d like to see some new EDM stars performing live, like Avicii, Calvin Harris etc…perhaps at Weekend festival this August?

Which artist would you like to see being interview by BTA? 
You should interview Tom Morgan. He’s a Brit living in Helsinki, I used to love his previous band The Firsts. He’s doing some troubadour gigs nowadays (as far as I know).

Thanks for the interview DeeJii BätMän! See you guys next week for a brand new interview!


-BTA Team

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