This week we talked to the punk rock-n-roll group Daggerplay. Check out what the band had to say and visit their BTA Artist Profile HERE.

Please introduce yourself/yourselves.

We are a Helsinki-based punk rock´n´roll band called Daggerplay. Ville Ahonen on bass and backing vocals, Sirpa Immonen on drums, Tommi Luostarinen on guitars and backing vocals and Pekko Mantzin on vocals and guitars.

How did you end up playing together?

Pekko: Sirpa´s and my old band had split up and then we luckily met Ville through our ad on We were looking for members for our new band. Ville knew Tommi briefly and knew that he´s the kinda guitarist who would fit in a crew so Ville then phoned him up. And, again luckily, Tommi agreed to come around to play with us. That was really easy start indeed.

Can you tell us little about your creative process?

Pekko: Usually I bring a song around which we then arrange together, starting with very low volume, smoothly and slowly with our acoustics and brushes. That´s very cool and musical way to put the song in its form. When we think we´ve played it enough in that way we bring some tempo, sticks and electric guitars in.

Any tips for aspiring musicians?

Tommi: I think you just should make music that sounds good to you and not to think that much about genres etc. Take influences from the music you like, but don’t try to imitate anyone. Simply just do your own thing.

You seem to mix few different genres and periods of music. Who you consider the biggest musical influences?

Pekko: I honestly am not able to name any band or artist. Just styles. Punk, rock´n´roll, street rock, hard rock, blues, vintage pop, rockabilly, country…

Which one of the genres you mix, you would say is closest to your hearts.

Pekko: That´s also a tough one as I´m positive each of us would say the different one! Personally, I love all of them almost equally. Especially when we get them mixed up! Yet, when it comes to attitude and lyrics I´d say punk and country. In both of those genres, you are allowed to express your real feelings. When done in a real way.

You have done shows from Joensuu to Helsinki. Is there a big difference in the audience in different towns?

Pekko: Not actually. In Kurikka, we probably have met the most talkative people. And they certainly knew how to make a good noise. I´d say it depends more on the venue.

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.

Tommi: The Clash.

Pekko: The Clash, Ramones in the 1970´s, Elvis, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, the original Hanoi Rocks and a hell of lot more fine bands and artists.

Sirpa: Ramones.

Tell us about your regular hang out? Have you ever had a gig there?

Pekko: That would be our rehearsing room in Kallio . Can bring own drinks, always good music blasting out of speakers. It´s tiny, dirty, hot, no chairs but the atmosphere is truly something. A real juke-joint.

Any future projects you want to tell us about?

Pekko: Yes indeed! That will be our second album. We are going to studio in the last weekend of May to record fourteen new songs. Not during that weekend, though. We are not going to repeat our debut as there will be more things happening on the new one. Some Irish influences will be heard, some sinister blues, ultra fast psychobilly kind of twang, acoustics. It will be very interesting and I´m very happy that we decided to jump on this adventure. I´ve also just started to write new music for the third one.

Thank you Daggerplay. Tune in next Wednesday for a new BTA Artist Interview!

-BTA Team


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