This week we interviewed rap artist Dagger D. Check out his BTA profile from this LINK

Please introduce yourself.

Whats good yall? my name is Mohamad Ameli, aka Dagger D.
I’m a young g-funk artist of Syrian descent currently signed to 3rd Rail Music, pushing out my debut LP Ten Lives,

How did you end up making music and how did your artist name come about?

It all started from a little baby keyboard, I was constantly playing on the keyboard since I was a baby. That gave me a little base as a producer later on and as I grew up I gradually found myself rapping to other kids from Vaasa for the first time at the age of 12. It was a fad that was popular around that time, so people would constantly rap battle, dance battle and do shit what I like to call hip hop, hahahah. That gave me the start to battle other youngsters at school and outside, and it gave me even a bigger push later on to start performing and eventually developing the skills needed for the future. My rap name came about when i bought a new skullcap at 12 that had grafitti sprayed on it like a signature  and i couldnt make what it said, so i managed to make out the words Dagger D, even though thats not what it probably said and daggers date back to ancient syria, so i felt like i was paying homage.

How would you describe your music?

My music is funky, whether the track has a chill, trill or sum old skool killa shit vybez, so I describe my music as a constant work and development in progress. Theres plenty of new tricks that you can take advantage of while u make a project each n every time.

Tell us little about your creative process?

Because I started with a keyboard, I’ve always had the need to hear the beat first before getting anything out so it all starts from the production. Something in my subconscious will click and say “this is it, this what i want to do”, and u get to writing.

What is the best thing about being a rap artist?

I think the energy of the crowd during the performance and the feeling of accomplishment after getting your hard earned pay. The feeling of being able to prove a lot of people who doubted u wrong, including family just by doing you without the thought of vengeance and regret. The feeling of being able to provide for your loved ones. The feeling of being able to stand with pride in your own craft. What more, I’m still going for these.

The most memorable show you performed?

Semafori Tampere, it was around 2014. It was the first show that really had the house going. I never expected people to know all my lyrics by heart, and the support was huge.

Tell us about your regular hangout? Have you ever had a gig there?

Hangin out at clubs sucks if im going to be honest wid u. I never like clubs, unless I was performing there, and currently I see no time in hanging out, as im constantly working on my material. But that being said Tavastia would perhaps be one. A lot of good names has praised the venue, tho I’ve never got to see the place myself,

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.

1. Tupac Shakur
2. Nate Dogg
3. Brotha Lynch Hung
4. Street Military
5. Hollow Tip
6. Eminem
7. Ganxta Nip
8. Ice T
9. South Central Cartel
10. Woodie.

Future projects we should know about?

My debut LP Ten Lives, which is coming out at the 13th of april, which includes the production team of Kim Kasio Rantala, Latentti, Viisas Ihminen, T Skrilla, Al Da Jazzmatic, Lassi Lindström and myself.

It also features the legends Hollow Tip, Havikk the Rhymeson and Prodeje from South Central Cartel and Monster Loco. Im going to be also working on beats with the homie SLS, for my future projects.

Thank you for the interview Dagger D!

See you next week with a brand new BTA artist interview.

-BTA Team

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