What a great feedback BTA artists got from recent shows at Blockfest, Iso Omena and Amsterdam Vodka launch party. You can see the feedback straight from profiles of DJ Kasumisu and Petos for example.

We have totally changed our Search options filtering system. Now the search is Amazon-like, as in faster and more precise. You can now also use customer feedback as a filter to find the artists with the best reviews. Now is a great time to engage with your fans and get feedback! It’s fast, easy and works via any device i.e. just share a link to your profile via any channel to request comments to showcase your talent!

Also, be sure to keep checking out our newsletter in the very near future when we are going to reveal more about the brand new and unique BTA crowd-funding / pre-sales campaign function! We believe this will be yet another great tool for event planners, promoters and artists alike to limit risks. Think KickStarter, Mesenaatti or Invesdor but just for live shows to put it simple!

This week we interviewed rap artist Vinttikoira. Read the interview HERE (Finnish only)

This week’s BTA Artist of the Day -artists:

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