The 500€ BTA Wedding Gift Card Competition was a success. Over 100 people signed up to take part in the draw and we will reveal the winning couple next week!

A new and versatile bunch of artists are joining us every week. So be it a wedding party, corporate event or a rock & roll show, we are sure that BTA has the right kind of artists for you. Not to mention the booking itself will be easy and fair as it should be.

We would also like to invite all you artists to check out our new partner, Jamifind. The service is all about bringing musicians together: helping you find fellow players, new band members and music teachers near you!

In our weekly BTA Artist Interview, we interviewed children’s party DJ DeeJii BätMänSee what he had to say!

This week’s BTA Artist of the Day -artists:

We are excited to find out who will add their artist profile to BTA next week! Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for our Artist of the Day and other news!

Until next week, BTA team

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