1. Facebook

1,79 billion users make Facebook the most popular social network. You can reach people of all demographics with it. With Facebook Events you can, create, invite people to your event and share the event on your timeline for others to see.

2. Instagram

Instagram being just for photos, is great for visual types of events. i.e art shows, light artists etc. But it is also useful for all other types of events too, just make sure to take a good photo! More than 500 million users make Instagram an efficient place to reach your target audience.

3. Twitter

With 313 million users Twitter should not be forgotten to market your event. Use images to make your post stand out from the feed!

4. Snapchat

Snapchat has quickly acquired more than 200 million users. With more than 70% of them being under 25, it should not be ignored if your event is targeted towards the younger generations.

This week we interviewed punk rock trio JARSPIS. Read the interview HERE.

This week’s BTA Artist of the Day -artists:

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