1. Use an eye-catching event cover photo with a call-to-action button

Always add a cover photo for the event. Take advantage of the whole 284 x 295 pixels and make it look amazing! Add your call-to-action button via Facebook on top of it for the audience to buy tickets! You can even use the same call-to-action button in your e-mail marketing!

2. Use Facebook ads to market your event

Boost your event with Facebook ads to reach more people and get more ticket sales! Facebook ads targeting can be a bit intimidating at first, but you will get the hang of it quick and find out it is quite useful for reaching your target audience!

3. Provide as much information in your event page as possible

Remember to add to your Facebook event dates, times, locations, ticket sales, social media channels, photos, videos and any other information you would find relevant for the customer to decide whether they want to attend your event.

4. Keep the hype up!

Don’t expect people to find or remember your event if you just shared it once on your page when you posted it. You have to keep the momentum by posting i.e videos, photos, possible competitions, or any other updates relating to the event.

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