Why book artists via BTA (Event planners)

Transparent and comparable artist fees!

  • With us you can compare the artist fees, types, customer satisfaction levels among other things to ensure you find the most suitable option for you!

Risk free booking!

  • Booking and payment is risk free with us, the fees are paid to the artist after the show delivery and in case of no-show, your payment is returned 100% without any hassle!

Hassle free booking via any device with instant payment & verification!

  • No need for several calls and e-mails to book an artist for your event! With us, you can book the artist by using any device from smartphones to tablets and laptops so you can focus on something else!

One-stop shop for  different types of artists!

  • No need to skim through tens of different websites, discussion boards, etc. to find out the most suitable option for you! Wide selection of artists from DJ’s to Breakdancers in one single service – Easy & fair!

Quality control via customer satisfaction rating system!

  • Possibility to rate the performance of the artist via our site meaning that you can use the ranking as one selection criteria to boost your event’s success!

Receipts into your e-mail right after the booking!

  • BTA receipt for tax man and other officials delivered into your e-mail right after the booking to make all this by the book!

No more artist pays all the bills way of working

  • Possibility to ensure that the artist you booked will get all the money he/she is entitled in a timely manner – www.booktheartists.com only takes a commission of 5% out of every transaction and provides several different payment options for you!

Great selection of other event planning professionals

  • A preselected set of the best events professionals from catering services to video production and from technical equipment rental to poster printing.


Why use BTA as an (additional) sales channel? (Artists)

Free to join and only 5% fee of every transaction

  • Our service fee is only 5% out of every booking and joining the service is free!

Possibility to add and change your own schedule and terms!

  • BTA doesn’t own you, it’s up to you to decide the right fee level and to make your own schedule when you are available to provide the show!

No need to sign any agreements – You are in charge!

  • We only match you with paying customers – no need for 360 agreements or similar, meaning that you can still use your current promoters, contacts and marketing channels!

Visibility to large set of potential customers!

  • The service is getting attention more and more, day by day so increase your visibility via BTA as it doesn’t cost you a thing but only 10-20 minutes of your time to add a profile!

Selected partners for artists from vinyl press to performance coaching and video production!

  • As we only match you with the paying customer, we know that you might need some support with other topics and that’s is why we have selected the best operators for you!

Fees paid right after the show into your account!

  • We pay your fees right after the show! No need to wait weeks or even months. Also you are not the one who carries the risk of not getting paid!

Standardized and fair terms & conditions to protect you

  • BTA has created solid terms & conditions to protect you in case any hassle comes up from IPRs to travel expenses, etc

A great tool / profile page which you can use as a portfolio to market your artistic performance

  • You can use BTA profile page as a business card / portfolio which combines all the key channels from YouTube to Spotity and Soundcloud to market yourself for potential customers –  All this with just two clicks using the share button provided in your profile!


Why use BTA as a promoter? 

Why not? If not adding a profiles, it’s 100% sure that the client can’t book your artists via BTA!

  • There is no bad publicity so increase the odds by using BTA as an extra-channel as we reach hundreds of potential customers every day and the awareness is rising fast

BTA provides you a great tool to manage your artist portfolio!

  • Just add all your artists into the service to get nice profiles and availability for all – Easier than creating a (web) site for every artist by yourself!

No more sending receipts to customers and collecting the fees!

  • Just use the BTA for invoicing and focus your efforts on making artist a real star among other topics!