This week we interviewed cover band Annika & Jackdaws. Check their artist profile HERE
Please introduce yourselves.
Annika & Jackdaws is formed in year 2012. We are acoustic trio (soloist + 2 guitars), which plays cover songs (in finnish and english) from lets say 70’s to these days. Some radio hits and stuff which is not very often heard from acoustic Stage – like Lady Gaga or Nightwish.
Annika Seppänen (vocals)
Erno Hanhisalo (guitar)

Marko Vehmanen (guitar, backing vocals)


We have also possibility to get rhythm instrument with us (drums/cajon and bass), so it’s a “full band” then. This way we have done wedding gigs etc. also.
How did you end up playing music together?
Band story begins when Crow’s Flight -band guitarists Marko Vehmanen and Erno Hanhisalo thought to form acoustic band and found Annika Seppänen for singing.
How did your name come about?
Band name is two-piece as You can see. First part “Annika”, maybe you get it 😀 Second part just two birds, “formed” from above-mentioned CF. Have to say, then came to mind that similarity to one well known whisky and logo was “done”.
What is the best thing about playing in a cover band?
Maybe that songs are mostly already familiar to folks because are covers, singalong it’s easier and so -cover songs are very “friendly” for audience, so playing those is very fun too. Also that you have to only preproduce stuff, don’t have to go from point zero. 
The most memorable show you performed?
We have done a gig in Switzerland, it was interesting from every point 😀 Of course foreing land, landscape, everybody spoke english with us everywhere and stuff like that made it so different. It was very cool to perform like song from Hector, see people faces when hearing finnish and so 😀 
If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.
Not easy to give one artist 😀 Annika says Evanescence, Marko says Genesis first line-up and Erno for example Strapping Young Lad. 
Tell us about your regular hang out? Have you ever had a gig there?
In Seinäjoki area maybe Kultainen Kulaus, cool bar with acoustic musicians and bands. We have had few gigs there.
Future projects we should know about?
You should keep your eyes on us and You will see 😀 We have planning to do more this “full band” gigs, perhaps that is the next thing.   
Which artist would you like to see being interview by BTA?
Would be interesting hear these from kind of similar artist, let’s say “Lion Eyes:)
Many thanks for the interview! We see you guys next week.
-BTA Team

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