Our Story – From Artists to Artists with a hint of business

The founders of www.booktheartists.com is a team of record company owner, music industry start up founder / Punk Rocker, Liquor seller and a suit. All with extensive experience from art scene and business world. Again, another startup story we know but yes, we have been hanging with each other for decades all sharing the same values and ideas. We hooked up, had some beer and came up with this project to change the current way of booking. We believed that there must be something to do for both the people looking for artists and the artists themselves – We came up with www.booktheartists.com! Enjoy!

Our Mission Is Simple: Make Booking Artists Easier – For all

Is then from a customer point of view or artist point of view, what we have seen is that the overall artist booking process is a mess not even talking about the hefty fees paid by the artists just for the booking itself! Our mission is simple, we want to make the booking easier for all parties involved and at the same time promote the artists to thousands of new potential customers!

Our clients are diverse – But they all want great artist for the event!

Our clients vary from bar owners to wedding planners, from corporate event planners to best-men / maids of hounour arranging bachelor/hen parties and from private citizens wanting to make a special house party to parents in need for magicians for kids’ birthday party. In addition, we happily welcome the large booking agencies and venue owners to boost their artists via www.booktheartists.com. We really have an open door policy for all who are in need for a great artist to make an event of their lifetime!

Our artists are more diverse – But they all want to give a great experience!

As our clients are a varied bunch of people and entities so are our portfolio of artists – From Improvisers to Strippers and from Rappers to Rockers! We are open for all of you to boost your presence in the world and to do more live shows! The common factor between our artists, no matter are they just starting their career or already been in show business for decades is; they all want to give a great experience for the people!

We offer an easy and fair way to book an artist – We are different!

Our service really is different in many ways and we believe that it is appealing to you as well! We know that this is a two way business so we are equally serving both the paying customers and the artists willing to give a show – That’s different! In addition, we are not just another startup ramped up by couple of business MBAs and coders – We are artists with a hint of business!

We are digital – We are where you are!

We are currently operating mainly in Finland but we are localizing our service to cover all the key language areas from Chile to China. Feel free to submit your artist profile no matter the country where you are from!

We are not alone – We have great partners with us!

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Other partners

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Can’t find your entity here – Please shoot us an email and let’s talk how we can support each other!