We are back from our Summer break and back with the BTA Artist Interviews! We start the new interview season with the Tampere g-funk rapper 6mäki. You can find his BTA profile HERE. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourself.
Hi! My artist name is 6mäki aka Khyusimagical. I’m a producer/rapper/talkbox specialist from Tampere. My style is pretty much g-funk/funk rap from the start to finish. I make solo music but I’m also a member of a band called Tre-Funk III where I make music along with Hannibal and Haamu and Tenho Mattila.

I have one solo album called Elinkautisfunky that was released and published by 3rd rail music in 2014. Tre-Funk III’s upcoming album Planeetta Funk is in mastering phase at the moment and it is getting released at the end of this year by Monsp Records.

How did you get interested in rap music?
It was around 2000 or something when I first heard Seremoniamestari, Tulenkantajat, and Nas. I started to collect rap records and got more and more into the genre.

It was Tulenkantajat and Tuomio & Kone that inspired me to produce and write my own rap songs. I started beat making in 2001-2002 and writing in 2003. My first songs are from 2003.

First I was pretty much all about the 90’s boom bap sound but along came all the g-funk and gangsta rap classics that really hit me and also inspired me greatly in beat making. I fell in love with the west coast sound and I was a big fan of Spice-1, Brotha Lynch Hung and Snoop and Dre and I’m still on a quest to find and create a perfect g-funk synth (vinkuna) melody.

Can you tell us little about your creative process?
Usually, I start my songs by making a beat first. First I make the drums and then start looking a sample (funky guitars or a loop that I can chop or that has good chords or something else for composing something on it) or compose a funky bass track, chords and a lead synth. After the basics of the beat are done I listen to the beat and try to think something to write about.

It normally requires a lot of listening to the beat while smoking a lot of cigarettes before I get any writable subject in my head. Even though I consider myself as a rapper as much as a beat maker, making beats is much more easier for me than inventing good themes/subjects to write about.

Any tips for aspiring rap artists?
Well to name a few Finnish rappers  for example that have been on my turntable/cd player recently are Og Ikonen, Pianomies, Aivovuoto, the new album by Petos and classic records by Tulenkantajat and Kemmuru etc. I’m also looking forward hearing Dagger D’s upcoming album, the first single L.M.B. is one of the best Finnish rap songs in recent years! On top of the obvious “this is good music!” I always appreciate originality and freshness in music and that is something that I also try to achieve when making music.

Which era of Hip Hop is closest to your heart?
All the classic 90’s g-funk, gangsta and boom bap rap.

You are pretty amazing with the talkbox. Tell us about how you ended up picking it up?
Thanks! It was around 2007 when our former band Musta Perjantai decided to order a talkbox. Once it arrived we were really excited but didn’t really know how to use it properly. Our synth was terrible for talkboxing and our talkboxing techniques were even worse. We all tried to train our talboxing skills at first but somehow, maybe because I was the only one to even have a synth, the talkbox ended in my use and slowly I started to get better and better with it. When I finally got my hands on a better synth (Yamaha CS-01) I started to get the hang of it. It’s a really good and funky effect/instrument that brings lots of flavor to songs.

If you could choose, which artist would you like to see live? Dead or alive.
Fela Kuti, Parliament, Manu Chao, Tulenkantajat etc. the list is endless.

Tell us about your regular hang out? Have you ever performed show there?
My regular hang out is Ripen Pub in my childhood neighborhood Rahola. I go there often to participate in the pub quizzes and of course to just drink beer. The pub is a bit ruff around the edges but it’s really peaceful place with a great staff and great people. It has a really dedicated customer community. I haven’t performed there (yet!).

Future projects we should know about?
My next solo album is in the works and it’s coming slowly but steadily. When Tre-Funk III’s Planeetta Funk album drops I will concentrate more on my solo material. There is also a project with my former band member Taskumatti that is still on the planning table but should get done in the next ten or twenty years or something.

Which artist would you like to see being interview by BTA?

Thanks 6Mäki! We will see you guys next week for a new interview!

-BTA Team

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